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Donations and Support

Home and food are two basic essentials that are still out of reach for many people. Poverty does not discriminate and affects young and old, Asylum seekers and Australian born, single people and families.

It only takes two factors – private rent and social isolation to push people below the poverty line.

We support people in crisis and on the pathway to positive changes by:

  • providing food, clothing, bedding, furniture and other household items;
  • helping with the cost of children’s medical prescriptions;
  • helping with the cost of school uniforms and other education expenses; and
  • helping with transportation and rental costs.

A helping hand that can make real a difference in assisting people to get their foothold back into participating in, exchanging and being in a position to give back to society.

Please take a moment and look around you.  You may find some spare cash or things that you can give a new lease of life.

We will know someone who can put your quality items to good use. You may have some spare time to share and contribute by volunteering.

We rely on community sharing, support and donations.   Ask yourself, how can you help today?

Donations over $2 are tax – deductible and can be made online via a safe, reputable and commission free platform.

Collections by our volunteers can be organised for larger items. Please, call 9793 3736 to discuss.
Volunteers are always welcome! Please, check Volunteering page for more details.

We are very open to new and brave ideas and welcome corporate and business support to further advance
our goals. Please, contact SLAC Manager on 9547 2647 or e-mail to [email protected] to discuss
how your company or business can get involved.