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Community Projects


Based at Dandenong Shop.

Food parcels are provided to people and families at times of need.

Food obtained from the Foodbank comes in bulk and there is always excess which is offered to the community
for a reasonable donation when possible. These food items are displayed on a separate shelf with clear signage.

Food purchased from other outlets is used for food parcels and excess is put out to re-sell on a separate shelf and with price tags.

Receipts are offered to anyone donating over $2. We now have a policy that regardless of the customer request,
the receipts are written out for any donation over $10.


The idea of Dandenong Community Stories was initiated by a group of SLAC students from the Diploma of Community Development class.

The students, many of whom are also volunteers, came to know Dandenong Neighbourhood House and Wahines group when Robyn Coslovich, the Manager of Dandenong Neighbourhood House came to speak about various programs and groups based there.

The students met with the ladies from the Wahine’s group and developed strong relationships over the year. There was one thing in common among the ladies and the students, and it is the love of the City of Greater Dandenong as a multicultural community where people of various backgrounds live in harmony.

Students and volunteers felt that it is so important to capture the stories of Whines ladies who lived around at the very beginning of the transformation of Dandenong and its community.

Thanks for the grant from the City of Greater Dandenong, the project of collecting and sharing community stories came to life. Dandenong Community shows how the stories were collected and friendships built with many golden moments to remember for years to come.

The booklet includes the stories of every woman who participated and the main message of wisdom they wanted to share with the community.