Eligibility for a subsidized training place

– Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency; or

– New Zealand citizens


– NOT holding a higher qualification than the one they are applying for (for nationally recognised courses only). Exemptions may apply.

Please contact the office and arrange an appointment to discuss your circumstances.

Fees and charges depend on the eligibility criteria. Please refer to the fees and charges guide.

Enrolment Procedure

Enrolments are taken during in-person interview that will take 30-60 minutes. Candidates are required to produce evidence of:

– Australian Citizenship/Residency Status

– Current and valid Health card or Pensioner card (if applicable)

– Supporting documents when applying for Recognition of Prior Learning.

During the interview:

  1. Evidence of Australian Citizenship/Residency Status and Concession will be witnessed.
  2. Prior qualifications criteria will be discussed (where applicable).
  3. The candidate will have to do a Literacy and Numeracy test. The results of the test are confidential and will not be used for any other purpose other than to ensure the Candidate has adequate literacy and numeracy skills for the AQF level to be studied.
  4. SLAC representative will discuss wiht the Candidate whether the qualification chosen is suitable for their career goals and appropriate to the Litrecay and Numeracy skills demonstrated.
  5. Course Training Plan will be discussed with the Candidate. The Training plan will include the list of units of competency, completion due dates, training and assessment workload.
  6. Student Acceptance Agreement will be signed by the Candidate and SLAC representative. By signing the Agreement, the Candidate takes on the obligation to comply with the requirements of the Training Plan, admin requirements of SLAC and to pay all relevant fees.
  7. Candidates will fill in the Enrolment Form.
  8. Candidates will fill in confidential Medical Form.
  9. SLAC representative will discuss and fill in with the Candidate their confidential Learner Plan which will assist the Candidate and SLAC to evaluate the success of the course at a later stage.
  10. Candidates will make payment in full. When Candidates experience financial hardships, they will have to pay a deposit and sign the payment plan for the remaining amount.
  11. SLAC representative will issue the receipt accordingly and will provide the student with all relevant documents relating to the course.

For more information on students’ rights and responsibilities, please check

SLAC Participant Handbook

Continuous enrolments are taken throughout the year.

If you missed the first starting date, contact the office and enquire about the next intake date available.

Please submit an enquiry form with any questions.